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Next Event Volunteer Opportunity

Chinese NEW YEAR Festival
JANUARY 31, 2020 – 1pm-8pm

Wo Hing Museum, 858 Front St Lahaina

Event volunteers assist with set-up and decorations, keiki arts and crafts,  greeting and surveying, and break-down of the event. This is a fun opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture and celebrate the history of Chinese immigration to Hawaii. You can ensure everyone in our community enjoys it too! Please fill out the volunteer registration with your interest.


Additional Chinese Cultural Activities

If you have a passion or curiosity for Chinese culture, the unique history of Chinese immigration to Hawaii, and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s connection to Maui, consider volunteering at Wo Hing Museum with Cultural Director Dr. Busaba Yip. Dr. Yip seeks special volunteers to impart their knowledge and invest in the future of the Wo Hing Museum. Training provides valuable experience in education, history, and public speaking (through presentations or tour guiding).