Preservation, Restoration, and Beautification Projects


Lahaina Harbor Front Improvement – Phase 1 [COMPLETE]

The Harbor Front is the heart of Lahaina and was once the vibrant focal point of life in the community.

After ten months of community visioning meetings and a year of conceptual planning, Lahaina Restoration Foundation in partnership with the County of Maui and community leaders developed a community-based interpretive plan for the Lahaina Harbor Front area (Lahaina Harbor Front Interpretative Plan). The implementation of this plan will beautify the area, emphasize its history and culture, reduce congestion and make it safe for all users.

The now complete first phase featured the opening of the view and beautifying of the harbor waiting area along Wharf Street, creating a comfortable ambiance in this important historic corridor.

Lahaina Harbor Front Improvement – Phase 2A [COMPLETE]

Apuakehau, the place name for the mauka lawn of the Lahaina Public Library, was formerly the site of the King’s Taro Patch.

With input from community planning with the Maui Friends of the Library and the IMAGINE project, this area has been re-landscaped with Native Hawaiian plants with a focus on kalo (taro).

Apuakehau will become a beautiful cultural park, with cultural demonstrations and hands-on activities, and gathering place, with shaded seating areas and bike racks, in the heart of the Lahaina Historic Districts.

Lahaina Harbor Front Improvement – Phase 2B [UPCOMING]

The makai (ocean) side of the Lahaina Public Library is an active area with surfers, sunset watchers, historic locations, etc., but it is need of refreshing. Phase 2B of the Lahiana Harbor Front Improvement Plan will address some of these issues with new pedestrian paths, native landscaping, seating, and better protections and interpretations of historic sites in the area.