Hands-on Hawaiian Cultural Classes –
Canoe Plants of Hawaii

Join us for a series of FREE hands-on Hawaiian cultural classes focusing on the “canoe plants”, in particular kalo, of Hawaii.

“Canoe plants” refer to the many useful plants that the Polynesians first brought to Hawaii on their voyaging canoes. During this workshop series, the plants to be used include niu (coconut), ulu (breadfruit), and ipu (gourd). Kalo (taro) education will be presented at every workshop and will include tasting, harvesting, pounding, and planting in addition to a discussion of the history and significance of kalo in Hawaiian culture.

Kalapana Kollars, Hawaiian Cultural Director at Lahaina Restoration Foundation, will conduct the hands on workshops. James Simpliciano, local farmer, will focus on all aspects of kalo.

The schedule of classes is as follows:
October 17 – Kalo Workshop
November 7 – Cordage and Kalo
November 21 – Niu and Kalo
December 5 – Ulu and Kalo
December 19 – Ipu and Kalo

All supplies will be provided at no charge.
Workshops are limited to 7 participants.
Participants must be 10 years of age and older.
Masks are required and social distancing will be enforced.

This free workshop series is generously funded by the Maui County Strong Fund at Hawaii Community Foundation and coordinated by Lahaina Restoration Foundation. For further information email events@lahainarestoration.org