Urgent Need!
Yes, I want to save Historic Lahaina!

Lahaina had a strong and vibrant economy…until covid-19 struck. With the travel quarantine still in place, no visitors are expected in Hawaii for at least another 10 weeks.

Lahaina Restoration Foundation is launching a $20,000 campaign to bring the local community into town. A vibrant commercial sector supports the culture and history that LRF protects. Shoppers pay to park which funds the museums. People attend the Hawaiian Music Series and then dine at Lahaina restaurants. Synergy in Action! 

Please give $50 to bring customers back to Lahaina today!

Your gift will be used to get the word out (on social media, radio, in newspapers as well as on banners and posters) to the people of Maui County that Lahaina is Open for Business.

No job is too big when we all work together!

Your gift of $50 will keep the town alive and save our history and culture!