Lahaina will pay tribute to the island’s harvest of locally grown produce as well as honored traditions from China during its annual Chinese Moon Festival on Saturday, September 30. The event takes place at Wo Hing Museum & Cookhouse on Front Street, where admission will be free from Monday, September 25 to September 30. The Wo Hing Society and Lahaina community will celebrate with offerings to the moon goddess and a display of colorful lanterns. Moon cakes will be available for sale all week. A decorative box of four large moon cakes costs $25 (one is $7). Flavors include red bean, white lotus, taro and five nuts with egg yolk.

On Saturday from 5 to 9 pm, teas will be served in the garden to the accompaniment of traditional music with a performance on the gu zheng harp. Enjoy cultural art activities like calligraphy and knot tying. Kids can learn how to make paper lanterns. Local artists will demonstrate painting the moon. At 6 pm, Maui Academy of Performing Arts Summer Musical Theatre students will perform fan, ribbon and umbrella dances from Mulan Jr. Then at 7 pm, hear a talk on the history of moon festivals in China. Purchase Chinese food by Only Ono BBQ. The whole family can join in the fun! Check out the Schedule of Activities:

Share your passion for Lahaina’s multi-ethnic history by volunteering at the event. To sign up, call the Lahaina Restoration Foundation office at 808-661-3262 or email Event Coordinator Jaclyn Santos You can also register as a volunteer online – click here.

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