Wo Hing Kite Festival 2014

Celebrate the colorful, wonderful world of kites during a traditional Chinese Kite Festival at the Wo Hing Museum on Friday, April 11 and Saturday, April 12. The museum will be open at 10 am with the event running from 1 to 8 pm; admission is free.

Did you know that the Chinese are credited with the invention of the kite in the 5th century BCE, some 2500 years ago? From ancient to medieval times, kites have been used for measuring distances, testing wind, lifting humans and communicating for military operations. By the 19th century, kites were being used for scientific purposes in Europe. During the kite’s golden age, from 1860 to 1910, kites were a scientific research tool for meteorology, wireless communications and early aeronautics.

Kite Festival 2014 at the Wo Hing Museum Lahaina MauiIn China, the city of WeiFang in Shandong province is known as the kite capital of the world and is home to the world’s largest kite museum. Early descriptions of kites indicate they were made with bamboo frames covered by silk fabric and used silk flying line.

During Lahaina’s two-day festival, view an exhibit of handmade kites in traditional and modern styles. Participate in workshops to make your own kite or purchase one of the many kites that will be for sale. Dr. Busaba Yip Douglas will present a talk on the significance and history of kites in China. Robert Loera, former U.S. stunt-kite champ and co-founder of Hawaii Kiteflyers Association, will share his expertise and stories on the love of kites. Throughout each day, you can enjoy Chinese music and entertainment as well as Chinese delicacies to purchase. For details, call Wo Hing Museum at 808-661-5553.

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