On June 6, demolition and construction started on the Lahaina Harbor Front Improvement Project. The contractor is Betsill Brother LLC. Phase I plans feature opening the view and beautifying the harbor waiting area along Wharf Street between the restroom building and the hau tree by the loading dock, creating a comfortable ambiance in this important historic corridor.

Project construction work includes: improving the sidewalk with brick pavers; building two shade trellises with bench seating and planting pohuehue (beach morning glory), which will grow up and over the posts and trellises; creating a large, semi-circle planter from the existing rock planters, which can also be used for seating. Plans call for the planter to feature Maui roses in the foreground and existing foxtail palms in the back. Existing kou trees will be replaced with new, healthy kou trees, and native pohinahina will be planted under them. The mature hau tree will remain by the loading dock, and the large false kamani tree will stay by the cannons. New gooseneck street lamps will be added, and the trellises will be enhanced with additional lighting. Along Wharf Street, wooden bollards will be installed to separate pedestrians from vehicle traffic.

Lahaina Harbor front construction barricades on Wharf St

As you can see by the blue barricades on Wharf Street, there are parking restrictions and new loading and off-loading areas for vehicles. For those of you traveling to Lana‘i or Molokai, three parking stalls have been designated next to the Lahaina Lighthouse (look for the signs) for 15-minute loading and unloading by ferry passengers ONLY. Bus Zone loading and unloading has been moved to Canal Street, along the fence next to the school. NO PARKING is allowed in this area between 7 am and 7 pm daily, as it has been designated as a bus loading zone until July 26. Please note the signs.

The Phase I construction process is slated to take five months. Theo Morrison, executive director of Lahaina Restoration Foundation noted, “Disruption and delays will happen, and we urge everyone to be patient, avoid bringing vehicles into the area, if possible, and focus on the positive change this will bring to our Lahaina waterfront.”

To request weekly construction updates, please contact us or visit our Facebook page.