Lahaina Restoration Foundation has scheduled 2017 dates for its four Chinese Festivals. These cultural showcases bring the community and visitors together to celebrate Lahaina’s Chinese heritage and the global connections that Maui has to offer.

Friday, February 3 – Chinese New Year Celebration

Lahaina’s annual tradition of celebrating the lunar new year features exciting lion dances with drums, gongs and cymbals and a new year blessing at 5 pm by the entrance to Wo Hing Museum on Front Street. Throughout the day, enjoy Chinese cultural activities, presentations and performances for the whole family (10 am to 8 pm). After firecrackers are lit, the lions parade down Front Street, stopping in shops and restaurants.

Friday & Saturday, April 14 & 15 – Chinese Kite Festival

Celebrate a colorful world of kites and national kite month. At Wo Hing Museum on Front Street, view traditional and modern kites, learn how to make kites and hear presentations on ancient kites, kite fighting and acrobatic kites (10 am to 8:30 pm). The next day, take friends and family outdoors to fly kites with experts (9 am to 2 pm). Watch a giant dragon kite fly and acrobatic sport kite demos by kite masters from Colorado and Hawai‘i at Lahaina Cannery Mall’s open space lawn.

Saturday, September 30 – Chinese Moon Festival

We pay tribute to the island’s harvest of locally grown produce as well as honored traditions from China. View displays of lanterns and offerings to the moon goddess at Wo Hing Museum on Front Street (10 am to 8:30 pm). Kids can enjoy making paper lanterns. People of all ages can explore cultural activities, listen to traditional music, and watch Chinese cooking on a wok. Get guided practice in the art of playing mahjong. Chinese moon cakes are available for sale.

Friday, November 10 – Sun Yat-sen Festival

We honor the life and achievements of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, known as The Father of Modern China. The celebration includes film tributes and displays depicting the life of Sun Yat-sen from Maui to China at Wo Hing Museum on Front Street (10 am to 8:30 pm). Try Chinese martial arts and watch skilled demos. Learn how to cut paper in the traditional Chinese way and other art activities. Listen to Chinese traditional music while sampling Cantonese food and Chinese teas.

Admission is free to each event. Chinese festivals take place between 10 am and 8-8:30 pm at Wo Hing Museum & Cookhouse. Connect with us on Facebook for updates or contact us with any questions. [updated on 2/10/17]

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