Lahaina Restoration Foundation is pleased to present Franz Kahale for this month’s “Hawaiian Music Series”, a free live performance on Thurs., Oct., 25, 6–7:30 pm. Staged on the front porch of the Baldwin Home Museum on the corner of Dickenson and Front Streets, it’s the ideal spot to enjoy Hawaiian music.                                                                                                              

     Native Hawaiian Franz Kahale is a grassroots musician whose eclectic sound features his raw and rustic musicality. Franz has been performing worldwide for over thirty years and has recorded albums with members of The Beach Boys, The Robert Cray Band, The Bonnie Raitt Band, Kalapana and Genesis. He has also written local hits for bands such as Na Leo, Kahikina and Ernie Cruz Jr.                                                                                       

     Franz released his first album, One Road Taken, in 1995. Five years later Poi Dog was released (2010) followed by Out of the Blues (2011) which is essentially a live performance with little or no editing. At this juncture of his career, Franz continues to reinvent himself with his honest approach to songwriting. Displaying a deep range of scope with ambiguous poetry and a dynamic chordal movement, Franz creates an earthy foundation for his edgy and seasoned vocals. For Franz Kahale, cover songs are far more than “re-done”, they are reconstructed to be his own. Franz delivers a reinvigorated perspective to the music that has influenced and inspired him throughout his life and career. 

      Now in its 10th year, the Hawaii Tourism Authority and the County of Maui Office of Economic Development sponsor the “Hawaiian Music Series”. The success of this program is due to residents and visitors who support Hawaiian culture and arts in Lahaina Town through their attendance, appreciation and donations. Follow the Hawaiian Music Series via social media at #HMS2018 #HawaiianMusic