Urgent Need!
Yes, I want to save Lahaina’s historic buildings!

You can make a difference now!

Your gift will help to preserve the historic sites of Lahaina with projects similar to the completed projects that you see here.

And best of all, between now and Tuesday, May 26, 2020, your donation will be matched by the Nonprofit Matching Fund Initiative.

Your gift provides needed maintenance during this crisis.

For decades, building maintenance and day to day operations at LRF, through good times and bad,
were always covered by Lahaina Restoration’s main revenue source – it’s paid parking lot.

Now the normally bustling lot is eerily quiet.

Please send a gift of $50 or more to save Lahaina’s historic buildings.
Reminder: your donations will be partially matched to help funds go further.

Maintenance of Lahaina’s many historic buildings can never stop.
Your gift will purchase paint, nails, lumber and other materials to keep up with building maintenance.

I know you will make sure of this!