Lahaina Restoration Foundation is closing its museums and cancelling its events and classes from Wednesday, March 25th until further notice (in conformance with County of Maui and State of Hawaii directives) to help ensure the health and safety of our staff, visitors and the entire community in support of efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Lahaina, Maui
Hale Pa‘ahao Prison
Old Lahaina Courthouse
Masters' Reading Room
Banyan Tree Poem
Lahaina Restoration Foundation headquarters


Your gift is needed today to let everyone know that Lahaina is Open for Business.


This is not the kind of message I usually write, but I need your help NOW to save the authentic little town of Lahaina.

Lahaina had a strong and vibrant economy…until covid-19 struck. With the travel quarantine still in place, no visitors are expected in Hawaii for at least another 10 weeks.

Lahaina Restoration Foundation is launching a $20,000 campaign to bring the local community into town. Your gift will be used to get the word out to the people of Maui County that Lahaina is Open for Business.

I am personally kicking the campaign off with a donation of $1,000.

Will you join me with your best gift?

Please give $50 to bring customers back to Lahaina today! Your gift will provide ads on social media, radio, in newspapers as well as on banners and posters. Lahaina is OPEN for business!

“Mom and Pop” stores are abundant in Lahaina. Many are barely hanging on since the lockdown began in March. Time is of the essence. Rent is due and customers are scarce. A gift of $50 today will bring customers back to Lahaina town. 

A vibrant commercial sector supports the culture and history that LRF protects. Shoppers pay to park which funds the museums. People attend the Hawaiian Music Series and then dine at Lahaina restaurants. Synergy in Action! 

Your gift of $50 will keep the town alive and save our history and culture. Lahaina has been closed for 3 long months. Send your gift today and bring the shoppers into town. 

I love Lahaina and I know you do too. This is urgent. Don’t let another Mom and Pop store close for good.

Your gift of $50 is needed today to kick start Lahaina’s economy. No job is too big when we all work together!


Theo Morrison
Executive Director
Lahaina Restoration Foundation

PS: Lahaina needs to recover now. Your gift of $50 is needed today. 

PPS: Lahaina is safe and conforms to all health and safety procedures for covid-19.

Your gift of $50 will keep the town alive and save our history and culture!


Seaman's Hospital Lahaina Maui

Lahaina Restoration Foundation oversees and maintains 14 major historic structures in  Lahaina: Baldwin Home Museum, Wo Hing Museum, Hale Pa’i Printing Museum, Hale Pa‘ahao Prison, Old Lahaina Courthouse, Banyan Tree Park, …     

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The Maui Museum Group (Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum, Makawao History Museum, Maui Historical Society, and LRF) has launched an initiative to highlight the wonderful and unique diversity and history of Maui County.